Paper Submission

  • Submission: A 6-step Process 
  • 1 - Initial Submission
  • 2 - Review by Committee and authors notification
  • 3 - Manuscript revisions (optional)
  • 4 - Upload of e-copyright
  • 5 - Upload of camera-ready manuscript
  • 6 - Registration to conference


Step Deadline
Initial paper submission January 15, January 30, 2015
Review by Committee and authors notification April 30, 2015
Manuscript revisions (optional) May 21, 2015
Upload of e-copyright May 21, 2015
Registration to conference May 28, 2015

Initial Submission

First-time Authors

If this is the first time you to submit a paper to ICIP, please read the paper kit carefully to make sure your paper strictly adheres to the format standards, and that you have all the information required information to complete the submission process.

The ICIP 2015 paper kit contains:

  • Instructions on document formatting, file size, paper length as well as templates;
  • A description of the review process;
  • Paper (oral and poster) presentation instructions.

Pay particular attention to the following elements:

  • New at ICIP 2015: A special Industry Session – See for details
  • Primary authors who are students should make sure they check the “Students” checkbox in the Main Author/Contact page of the submission form. This will ensure that their paper is considered for the “Best Student Paper” award
  • Primary authors who are from industry should make sure they check the “Industry” checkbox right below EDICS selection. This will ensure that their paper is considered for the “Best Industry Paper” award
  • Authors which work has been published in Signal Processing Letters since March 31 2014 or have been accepted for publication prior to April 1, 2015 should check the “SPL” check box. Consult details SPL paper submission details here. After January 15, SPL authors should send a request to
  • New at ICIP 2015: All accepted papers must be uploaded to IEEE PDF eXpress Plus once their paper is accepted. See instructions section 5;
  • Each accepted paper must be presented in person by one of the authors. See the No-Show Policy for further details;
  • Papers must include a short discussion on relation to prior work in the field. The discussion is not required to be solely in a separate section. Paper without references to prior work will automatically be rejected;
  • Papers may include a fifth page containing references only. Papers with a 5th page containing anything else than references will be rejected without review;
  • Authors are required to submit original material, not published, or submitted for consideration elsewhere. Author misconduct, including fabrication of results and plagiarism of the work of others, shall be subject to sanctions by IEEE under the rules of Member Conduct. See the Plagiarism and Material Duplication Policy for further details.
  • When submitting a paper to a special session, you must select one of the Special Sessions topics. We recommend that you also select additional topics as well to aid in the reviewing process.
  • Paper submission does not need to be completed in a single session. You can save your work and continue later. Similarly, the e-copyright transfer and the camera-ready paper upload can be done separately;
  • All accepted papers must be uploaded to IEEE PDF eXpress Plus once their paper is accepted. See instructions section 5;
  • Make sure your paper is renamed according to instructions prior to uploading;
  • Do not forget to click on the “Finalize” button at the bottom of the Submission Summary page to complete the submission process.
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Paper Review & Authors Notification

After submission, your paper enters into the review process. A committee of reviewers selected by the Technical Committee will review the documents and rate them according to quality, relevance, correctness, and originality. The Technical Committee will use these reviews to determine which papers will be accepted for presentation in the conference. The decision will be communicated to the submitting authors by email, along with reviewer comments, if any. Details on the result of evaluation will also be available online once the review process is completed. To view the evaluation summary, log in the paper system using the paper number and access code provided upon confirmation of the original submission, and then click on the “Review Result” button of the top menu.

Note on Letters of Invitation

If your paper has been accepted and if you require a letter of invitation, you may request one when registering online to the conference. Please note that:

  • You may choose to receive your letter either by email, regular mail or courier (e.g. DHL, FedEx, Purolator, UPS, and similar);
  • Fees may apply when asking for shipping by standard mail or courier;
  • The conference reserves the right to courier when this shipping method is requested;
  • We strongly advise to register and ask for the letter of invitation at least 3 months ahead of time.

Please consult the Visas & Letters of Invitation page for further information.

Revisions to Accepted Manuscripts

You will receive a paper acceptance notification no later than April 30, 2015. Provided your paper is accepted, this email may have included comments from reviewers. You may make minor revisions to your paper in light of these. You can upload a revised version when you submit your camera-ready (final) version to PDF eXpress Plus. See instructions section 5.

However, you cannot make substantial text changes to original paper reviewed and you cannot change the author list or order. The technical Committee reserve the right to use the originally submitted version if it is felt the updated version differs markedly from the original.

Upload of E-copyright

Completion of the electronic copyright form is mandatory for your paper to be included in the technical program. Further, your form must be filled before you can upload your camera-ready manuscript. The deadline copyright transfer and upload of publication-ready manuscripts is May 21, 2015.

Follow the procedure highlighted below. An online wizard will guide you through the process:

  • 1- Log into the paper system using the paper number and access code provided in the acceptance notice email or in the original paper submission confirmation email;
  • 2- Click on the “Copyright Submission” button on the menu bar. You will be brought to IEEE e-copyright system where a summary of your paper will be displayed. Review and click “Next”;
  • 3- Follow the on-screen instructions. Click “Next” after each page, then click “Continue”;
  • 4- The IEEE consent form will then be displayed. Type in your name and the date at the bottom left of the form and click “Submit”;
  • 5- A summary screen will appear. Click on “Return” to return to the paper submission website to upload your PDF eXpress-compliant camera-ready manuscript. Optionally, you can first download a copy of the e-copyright form.

Within minutes, you will receive an email containing a summary of the transaction along with a copy of the executed e-copyright form. Save it for later use.

Access Paper System
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Upload of camera-ready manuscript

Publication-ready manuscripts must be uploaded in a specific format, compliant with the IEEE Xplore Digital Library no later than May 21, 2015. Final manuscript uploads and changes to previously uploaded papers will not be allowed past that date. You must complete this procedure for your paper to be included in the technical program and conference proceedings.

Proceed as follows to upload the camera-ready version of your paper:

  • 1- If not already logged in, log into the paper system using the paper number and access code provided in the acceptance notice email or in the original submission confirmation email;
  • 2- Click on the “PDF Express” button on the menu bar;
  • 3- Create an IEEE PDF eXpress Plus account or log in using your credentials if you already have an account. Use “30522XP” for the Conference ID when prompted (New users will receive an email confirming account creation);
  • 4- Upload your paper. Files submitted in other-than-pdf formats (“source files”, see notes below for accepted formats) will be converted to IEEE Xplore-compatible format. Files submitted in PDF format will be checked for compatibility
    • If a source file was submitted, you will receive by email the PDF file generated by the system as an attachment. The generated PDF file will also be available through your PDF eXpress Plus account. Review the file to ensure that it views on screen and prints as you intended;

      If a PDF file was submitted, you will receive an email stating that the PDF passed or failed the check. If the PDF fails, a check report will be attached to the email. In your account, click "Understanding the PDF Check Report" for solutions. Correct issues and resubmit;
  • 5- Upon process completion, the option « Approve for collection » will become available in your account. Press that option if you are satisfied with the final result. The next screen will confirm the status of the paper as « Approved for collection ». The Process is complete you can logoff. Please disregard the « August 15 » date as this is date for internal use.

      If you are not satisfied with your PDF, you may go back to your account and submit another source file for conversion, or submit a revised PDF that you produce for Checking. If there is any other issue with your PDF, you may go back to your account and Request a Manual Conversion: your submission will be sent to Technical Support for special handling.


You may submit revisions by following the upload procedure for revised files. Consult the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus Help for additional instructions.

Acceptable source file formats include:

  • Microsoft Word;
    Rich Text Format;
    TeX and LaTeX (a DVI and supported image files must be included in a compressed archive);
    PageMaker (images should not be embedded, included with main file in a compressed archive).
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At least one author must be register to the conference at a non-student rate. Failure to do so by the author registration deadline of May 28, 2015, will result in removal of the paper from the Technical Program.

Note that a single registration may cover up to three (3) papers.

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To Do Next

Take a few minutes to review the presentations instructions included in the Paper Kit page.